Sonny and Cher – I Got You Babe

sonny-and-cher-the-letter-1965-8Song of the Day

Today’s song is dedicated to my AWESOME wife, Diann, who just finished re-creating Monet’s Poppy Fields Near Argenteuil on a 115-foot fence in our back yard. We’ve been married less than two months and it’s been amazing. I am so lucky that we have each other. Thank you for being supportive of Reverb Raccoon, reading my posts, liking each one on Facebook and Instagram, and re-tweeting them to all nineteen of your Twitter followers. Here’s Sonny and Cher with “I Got You Babe.”

Sonny went on to become – improbably – a US Congressman before skiing into a tree. Cher went on to become – improbably – exactly the same today as she was in 1965.

And speaking of improbable, here are the Rolling Stones, along with presenter Cathy McGowan and producer Andrew Loog Oldham, lip-syncing to “I Got You Babe” on Ready Steady Go. Brian Jones as Sonny Bono is rather charming. And somebody tell Keith Richards that the Sousaphone needs a mouthpiece.

And finally, an alternate version by Joey Ramone and Holly Beth Vincent. Pretty cool.

Holly Beth Vincent, by the way, has just released thirty-eight songs on Bandcamp. Be sure to check them out.

So that’s our song for today. Just wanted to tell the awesome Diann how lucky I am. And I’m not saying that because I ran into the tree this evening and may have a slight concussion. I was planning to say it before I ran into the tree.

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