Lydia Jayne – Christmas Spirit

Lydia Jayne – Christmas Spirit

Hi. I’m Fluffy. My friend Milkshake calls me The Idiot Cat. A long time ago – The Food Guy said it was year before last – I reviewed “Autumn Time,” a song by a kitten named Lydia Jayne. I thought it was a good song. Now Lydia Jayne has a new song called “Christmas Spirit.” She put it on the Winternet in December, but I didn’t find out about it until yesterday. Nobody tells me anything. I asked The Food Guy if it is OK to write about it even though Christmas is over and he said yes, the Christmas holidays don’t officially end until the Stupid Bowl is played. The Stupid Bowl is a game between the Horses and the Cats. I hope the Cats win. Last week the Cats pounced on the Birds, which is how it should be. I have never caught a bird. Milkshake and I are Indoor Cats. When I was a kitten I lived outdoors on the street in a cardboard box. Now I’m happy to live indoors. When Milkshake was a kitten she lived in a stable and had horsie friends. I think Milkshake wants the Horses to win the Stupid Bowl.

Milkshake and I had fun on Christmas. There were toys for us under the tree and more toys in a stocking. The Food Lady’s friends came over and Milkshake joined their party. I’m surprised she didn’t put a lampshade on her head. I stayed under the bed and played with my yarn.


On Christmas Eve, Milkshake stayed up and waited for Santa Claus but I fell asleep before he got there. Milkshake said Santa left me a lump of coal but I didn’t believe her. She was just pulling my tail.

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The Food Guy says that Lydia Jayne is a good singer. He especially likes the harmonies. He said the song has a nice structure, whatever that is. And he said Lydia Jayne is “The Real Deal, not some put up job novelty act.” I don’t know what that means. I like this song and I think you will like it too. You can listen to it any time of the year when you want to feel good. You don’t have to wait until next Christmas to listen to it.

You can stream or download “Christmas Spirit” from the Winternet on Bandcamp. Lydia Jayne has other songs there and some of them are about Christmas. I think you will hear a lot of music by this kitten some day. I’ll bet she like cats.

Here is “Autumn Time,” another good song by Lydia Jayne.

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  1. Your #1 Fan

    Fluffy, thanks for sharing Lydia Jayne’s songs. Wish you would write more blogs. Your fans love you!

    And… If the Horses can beat the Patrick’s, they can beat the cats. Meow!


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